• 80,000 TWD-150,000 TWD/mo


  • Improve our platform's UX
  • Improve our company’s trading efficiency(OTC and Cryptocurrency page)


  • Experience designing a trading app or web application platform
  • Proficient in HTML / CSS
  • Proficient with RWD
  • Familiar with using Sketch
  • Able to create an UX workround in a timely manner under pressure
  • Proficient in English (able to collaborate with designers from foreign countries)
  • Familiar with Git’s controlling system
  • Possess excellent team collaboration and communication skills

Desired experience:

  • Experience with Ruby or any other backend languages
  • Experience working with teams across the world
  • Able to design a product for growth
  • Familiar with how to grow an onboarding framework

Work Environment:

We don’t have a full time UX designer at the moment. Everything on our platform is developed by our engineers. We are able to create such an interactive and intuitive website because of our product framework and online procedures.

In order to better solve our customers needs, improve transaction efficiency, and create a user friendly platform, we hope to on-board a professional UX designer who can help bring our product to the next level.

Our development process is all code based, as a result, the candidate has to be very familiar with HTML &CSS.

We are also looking to hire a Graphic Designer


8-15 萬新台幣/月,年薪 13 個月


  • 優化現有產品 UX
  • 提升站內交易效率(OTC 與幣幣)


  • 設計過交易市集類 App 或過交易市集類 Web Application 介面
  • 精通 HTML / CSS
  • 精通 RWD 下的交互設計
  • 熟悉 Sketch 的使用
  • 有辦法在時程壓力下,快速做出有效的 UX workround
  • 英文初級書寫線上聊天能力(與外國設計團隊配合)
  • 熟悉 Git 版本控制系統
  • 團隊協作及良好溝通能力


  • 曾經使用過 Ruby 或任何一個後端腳本語言
  • 與跨國時區團隊工作過的經驗
  • 擁有開發文件撰寫的能力
  • 知道如何設計 Product for Growth
  • 熟悉 Onboarding for Growth 框架


OTCBTC 本身並沒有專職的 UX Designer。所有的介面都是目前 Developer 自己開發。然而,項目可以做到全業界與客戶稱讚的使用流程與介面。全靠公司獨創一格的內部產品框架與功能上線流程。

確保產品能夠「解決用戶需求」,「介面易懂好入門」,「促進交易更有效率」。我們希望新同事可以引入更專業的 UX 設計,將目前的產品再往上拉升一個檔次。

我們開發的流程,要求 UX 必須要能夠直接進 codebase 寫介面,所以必須要熟悉 HTML& CSS。

我們同時也徵:Graphic Designer