• Highly Experienced: 120,000-180,000 TWD/mo
  • Regular: 80,000-130,000 TWD/mo


  • Responsible for developing the front-end of our crypto exchange page
  • Assist in developing the front-end of our OTC page
  • Work closely with the design and backend team on their needs
  • Assist in developing specifications for front-end settings


  • At Least 3 years of React experience, knowledge of other front-end frameworks is a plus
  • Familiar with React and Redux’s ecosystem
  • Deep understanding of JavaScript (ES6 language), HTML5, CSS3, SASS, and Bootstrap
  • Experience with developing RWD Web Pages
  • Familiar with Webpack or other management modules
  • Familiar with how to troubleshoot WebSocket connections
  • Prior experience with improving front-end functions, especially with improving React functions
  • Familiar with cross platform website development, Git version management system and understanding of at least one dependency management tool, including but not limited to: npm, yarn
  • Able to think outside the box and write reusable codes for different modules
  • Exceptional communication and team collaboration skills
  • Experience with developing i18n

Technical Skills required for job:

  • react (react, redux, saga, babel, webpack... etc)
  • lodash
  • mathjs
  • pusher
  • luxon
  • axios
  • highchart

Desired Skills:

  • Experience with developing Typescript and Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with writing Unit Test
  • Experience Refactoring large scale projects
  • Prior experience in leading teams and reviewing codes
  • The ideal candidate will be existential in their abilities and not only lead but collaborate, develop, and assist other developers within the organization.

Work environment:

  • Our OTC chatroom function and crypto exchange page are both developed with ReactJS
  • Our technology is based on Rails, therefore, applicants should have basic Ruby experience to understand our coding environment
  • Our crypto exchange page will become the main function of our company
  • There are multiple openings for this position, we welcome whole teams to apply directly

This individual should be very familiar with React, as well as multiple JS frameworks, and have the ability to switch between different codes.


  • 資深 12-18 萬新台幣/ 月。大神上限面議
  • 一般 8-13 萬新台幣/月


  • 負責 OTCBTC 幣幣交易所的前端頁面開發
  • 協助 OTCBTC 場外交易所的前端頁面開發
  • 與設計團隊和後端團隊釐清需求
  • 協助訂定前端開發規範


  • 至少三年 React 開發經驗,有其他框架開發經驗加分
  • 熟悉 React 生態 (React, Redux)
  • 對 JavaScript 有深入了解、熟悉 ES6 語法
  • 熟悉 HTML5、CSS3、SASS、Bootstrap
  • 有開發 RWD 網頁經驗
  • 熟悉 Webpack 或其他模組管理工具
  • 熟悉如何處理 WebSocket 連線
  • 有前端效能優化經驗,尤其對 React 效能優化有經驗者
  • 熟悉跨瀏覽器開發
  • 熟悉 Git 版本控制系統
  • 熟悉並瞭解至少一種 Dependency Management Tool, 包含但不限於: npm, yarn
  • 具備良好抽象能力,能夠撰寫可重複使用且模組化的程式碼
  • 團隊協作及良好溝通能力
  • 有 i18n 開發經驗


  • 有 TypeScript 開發經驗
  • 有 Ruby on Rails 開發經驗
  • 有撰寫 Unit Test 的經驗
  • Refactor 過大型專案
  • 有指導團隊與 Code Review 的經驗


  • react 生態系 (react, redux, saga, babel, webpack... etc)
  • lodash
  • mathjs
  • pusher
  • luxon
  • axios
  • highchart


  • OTC 交易區聊天室使用 ReactJS 開發
  • 幣幣交易區,使用 ReactJS 開發
  • 公司技術棧是 Rails,因此希望應徵者至少有簡單 Ruby 經驗,知道如何裝環境
  • 幣幣區未來將是公司主力
  • 此職位徵求多位,歡迎團報

希望應徵這個職務的人,非常熟悉 React,甚至熟悉多個 JS 框架,有能夠快速任何功能的功力。