• Translates website content
  • Reads through or listens to material in one language, ascertains understanding of the meaning and context of that material, and converts it into a second language, making sure to preserve the original meaning
  • Follows up with product development team to ensure satisfaction and understanding
  • Works closely with our marketing and product development team
  • Proofread existing material and editing based on company needs


  • Native speaker, writer, reader in English and Chinese (traditional/simplified)
  • Exceptional reading and writing skills
  • Understanding of cryptocurrency industry
  • Attention to details, ability to meet deadlines, and ability to work under pressure

Desired Skills:

  • Experience trading on exchange platforms and familiar with terms used in the cryptocurrency industry
  • Lived abroad in an english speaking country
  • Experience translating service webpages from Chinese to English
  • 3 +years of technical translating experience

Work Environment:

  • You will be working closely with the product development team on ensuring all translated material are accurate. You will also be working with our Community Manager to assist with any projects that need translation
  • We are a crypto exchange platform based in Asia looking to expand globally and need to onboard a translator who’s able to write in both colloquial and formal setting


  • 翻譯網站內容
  • 閱讀或聽一種語言的文檔,確定對該材料的含義和上下文的理解,並將其轉換為第二語言,確保保留原意
  • 跟進產品開發團隊,確保滿意和理解
  • 與我們的營銷和產品開發團隊緊密合作
  • 根據公司需求校對現有材料和編輯


  • 精通英語,中文(繁體/簡體)
  • 卓越的閱讀和寫作技巧
  • 了解加密貨幣行業


  • 熟悉加密貨幣行業中使用的術語
  • 居住過國外
  • 3+年的技術翻譯經驗
  • 翻譯過中文網頁