Salary: 55,000TWD - 66,000TWD/MO


  • Review and edit legal contracts or documents
  • Responsible for working with closely with our legal counsel and accounting department
  • Responsible for implementing legal plans and operations given by our legal counsel
  • Conduct research and analysis on foreign legal regulations related to finance or cryptocurrency
  • Provide professional legal support to all departments. Perform preliminary judgements and advise company on next steps to reduce the company’s operational risk


  • Law degree
  • Majored or took classes related to: financial law, business law, IP law
  • 2-3 years of experience working as an associate or paralegal for a financial institute or tech company/start-up

Desired skills:

  • Highly proficient in reading and writing English
  • Possesses strong logics and negotiation skills
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Exceptional collaboration and communication skills
  • Willing to accept challenges dealing with international policies and affairs

Work Environment:

  • Uncertain boundaries in the blockchain community
  • Dealing with unclear law regulations within the cryptocurrency market. You will be working closely with our legal counsel and finance department to ensure all procedures are follow existing Taiwanese policies
  • Heavy research on foreign financial policies / Crypto regulations
  • Constantly updating our team on new crypto regulations formed

薪水:55,000 - 66,000 台幣,年薪 13 個月。


  • 處理法務合約審閱及修改相關事宜
  • 負責與外部委任律師及會計師聯繫、溝通及合作
  • 負責執行法制及法務工作規劃與運作管理
  • 法律之專題研究及諮詢服務 (外國法律規定)
  • 為公司經營決策提供專業法律支援,並為公司各部門和各專案提供法律諮詢,促使各部門有能力進行初步判斷及處理,降低公司營運風險


  • 法律系畢業
  • 主修財經法組別,或曾修習財經/商業/智財相關法律課程
  • 曾在大型事務所經驗2-3年以上,或金融機構法務經驗2年以上 ,或在科技業公司擔任過律師助理或是法務專員2年以上


  • 具備良好之英文聽說讀寫能力。
  • 思維敏捷、邏輯性強,有優秀的表達/書寫能力、談判能力。
  • 具良好之溝通協調能力、領導才能及問題解決能力 。
  • 願意接受挑戰處理跨領域事務
  • 重視團隊合作


  • 目前加密貨幣市場內的法律法規模糊
  • 您將與我們的法律顧問和財務部門密切合作,確保所有程序都遵循台灣現有的規定
  • 對外國金融政策/加密法規的做研究
  • 閱讀與加密貨幣有關的新聞並隨時告知我們團隊任何法規更新