• Develop app
  • Work with the team on improving the UX for IOS
  • Assist in setting up IOS’s development plans


  • At least 3 years of IOS development experience
  • Proficient in Objective-C, understands Swift
  • Experience integrating Swift and Objective-C source code in iOS projects
  • Familiar with how to manage Websocket Connection
  • Familiar with RESTful API theory
  • Familiar with Git’s management system
  • Familiar with at least one Dependency Management Tool, including but not limited to: Cocoapods, Swift Dependency Management, Carthage
  • Able to write clean and reusable codes for different modules
  • Possess exceptional communication and collaboration skills

Desired experience:

  • Experience re-organizing React Native
  • Experience coding with Ruby or any backend language
  • Experience Refactoring large scale projects
  • Experience leading a team and reviewing codes
  • Experience with writing Unit Test
  • Familiar developing with ReactiveX
  • Able to develop readable codes
  • Experience with CI process
  • Able to set reasonable coding guidelines based on the purpose of team and project

Technical skills for the job:

  • Masonry
  • ReactiveCocoa
  • AFNetworking
  • SocketRocket
  • libPusher
  • Aspects

Work environment:

  • Using Objective-C to develop our platform
  • We currently have another Senior iOS Developer developing our OTC functions
  • We are looking to add a couple more team members to work on developing our OTC and Cryptocurrency exchange page

We hope the applicant is not only familiar with the technical skills, experience developing many apps, but can also get deliver needed functions in a short turnaround time.

P.S. Before you apply for this job, please register for an account and try using our web page to fully understand our platform functions.


  • App 開發
  • 與團隊釐清需求並針對 iOS 做 UX 優化
  • 協助訂定 iOS 開發規範


  • 至少三年 iOS 開發經驗
  • 精通 Objective-C,懂 Swift
  • 有在 iOS 專案中整合 Swift 與 Objective-C 原始碼的經驗
  • 熟悉如何處理 WebSocket 連線
  • 熟悉 RESTful API 概念
  • 熟悉 Git 版本控制系統
  • 熟悉並瞭解至少一種 Dependency Management Tool, 包含但不限於: Cocoapods, Swift Dependency Management, Carthage
  • 具備良好抽象能力,能夠撰寫可重複使用且模組化的程式碼
  • 團隊協作及良好溝通能力


  • 有整合 React Native 的經驗
  • 曾經使用過 Ruby 或任何一個後端腳本語言
  • Refactor 過大型專案
  • 有指導團隊與 Code Review 的經驗
  • 有撰寫 Unit Test 的經驗
  • 熟悉 ReactiveX 開發概念
  • 擁有開發文件撰寫的能力
  • 有 CI 流程經驗
  • 能夠根據團隊與專案性質訂立合理的程式碼規範


  • Masonry
  • ReactiveCocoa
  • AFNetworking
  • SocketRocket
  • libPusher
  • Aspects


  • 使用 Objective-C 開發
  • 目前公司內已有一位 Senior iOS Developer 在開發 OTC 功能
  • 預計再徵數位共同開發 OTC 區功能 / 幣幣功能

希望應徵這個職務的人,熟悉這些技術棧,並且有過數個 App 的開發上架經驗,並且有能夠快速實現功能的功力。

P.S. 應徵前請先註冊帳號,並實際操作過我們的網站平台主要功能,節省雙方時間。