• 180,000TWD - 300,000TWD/mo.
  • Senior level: 300,000TWD/mo min - negotiable


  • Understand how to operate cloud server, AWS platform service, and DigitalOcean
  • Familiar or worked with automation tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Familiar with Shell Script,or has experience coding with backend languages such asRuby, Python
  • Familiar with Nginx, Apache, HAProxy settings
  • Familiar with adjusting functions in PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Familiar with firewall and internet security settings
  • Experience with server monitoring systems: Nagios, Ganglia, Cacti
  • Familiar with Linux System and management tools
  • Possess exceptional team collaboration and communication skills
  • Able to troubleshoot system errors and support the team during urgent matters

Desired skills and experiences:

  • An expert in AWS EC2, VPC, RDS, IAM, ALB/ELB, and Auto Scaling
  • Experience working with Jenkins CI or similar tools
  • Experience developing and coding with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience using Docker
  • Experience managing servers in international locations
  • Highly focused in internet and server security

Understand the following terminology:

  • High Availability
  • Scalability
  • System monitor

Work environment:

  • We use Amazon Opswork to deploy our servers
  • Using Amazon’s ELB( Elastic Load Balancing)
  • Our webpage layers are developed with Ruby on Rails, which is deployed on a Nginx server
  • DB uses PostgreSQL
  • When a new token is listed, our server experiences high traffic

The ideal candidate should be highly familiar with all the technicalities listed above and have also managed and planned services that have 100K/ 1M/10M PV. Preferably has worked at an internet company for more than 3 years.


  • 18 - 30 萬新台幣/月。
  • 大神等級:30 萬保底,上限面議。


  • 瞭解雲端伺服器供應商 AWS 平台服務, Linode, DigitalOcean 操作
  • 熟悉或曾經使用後者其一自動化部屬工具 Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • 熟悉 Shell Script,曾經使用後者其一腳本語言 Ruby, Python
  • 熟悉 Nginx, Apache, HAProxy 設定
  • 熟悉資料庫 PostgreSQL or MySQL 性能調校
  • 熟悉防火牆及網路安全性設定
  • 服務器監控及預警系統 Nagios, Ganglia, Cacti
  • 熟悉 Linux System 及套件安裝管理工具
  • 團隊協作及良好溝通能力
  • 系統故障排除能力
  • 緊急狀況待命支援


  • 精通 AWS EC2, VPC, RDS, IAM, ALB/ELB, Auto Scaling
  • Jenkins CI 及相似工具使用經驗
  • 接觸及使用 Ruby on Rails 開發經驗
  • Docker 使用經驗
  • 跨地域服務器管理經驗
  • 專注網路及服務器安全


  • High Availability
  • Scalability
  • System monitor


  • 使用 Amazon Opswork 部署伺服器
  • 使用 Amazon ELB 負載平衡
  • 網站業務層使用 Ruby on Rails 開發,並部署在 Nginx 服務器上
  • DB 使用 PostgreSQL
  • 有新幣上市時,服務器會有非常大的流量

因此我們希望應徵這個職務的人,熟悉這些技術棧,管過撐過規劃過百萬級 / 千萬級 / 億萬級 PV 服務。三年以上互聯網公司經驗。