• Improve our platform's UX
  • Improve our company’s trading efficiency(OTC and Cryptocurrency page)


  • Experience designing a trading app or web application platform
  • Proficient in HTML / CSS
  • Proficient with RWD
  • Familiar with using Sketch
  • Able to create an UX workround in a timely manner under pressure
  • Proficient in English (able to collaborate with designers from foreign countries)
  • Familiar with Git’s controlling system
  • Possess excellent team collaboration and communication skills

Desired experience:

  • Experience with Ruby or any other backend languages
  • Experience working with teams across the world
  • Able to design a product for growth
  • Familiar with how to grow an onboarding framework

Work Environment

We don’t have a full time UX designer at the moment. Everything on our platform is developed by our engineers. We are able to create such an interactive and intuitive website because of our product framework and online procedures.

In order to better solve our customers needs, improve transaction efficiency, and create a user friendly platform, we hope to on-board a professional UX designer who can help bring our product to the next level.

Our development process is all code based, as a result, the candidate has to be very familiar with HTML &CSS.