• Design ICO banners
  • Design event banners
  • Design events page


  • 2 + years of working at an internet company or at an ad agency dealing with visual designs
  • Familiar with HTML/ CSS
  • Familiar with RWD designing
  • Familiar with designing banner ads on Facebook and Twitter
  • Able to perform and finish design tasks under pressure
  • Beginners English, able to read and write (some of these ad banners are in English)
  • Excellent communication and team collaboration skills

Desired experience :

  • Experience with trading cryptocurrency
  • Experience with designing banner ads for internet companies
  • Experience working at an internet company or ad agency with high pressure and short turnaround time
  • Possesses knowledge of creating posts/ events that trigger viral growth

Work environment:

OTCBTC assists with ICO, and hosting special events on our site.

We hope to grow our design team. We are looking for talented designers to create /design campaigns and advertisements for our brand to ensure we achieve global exposure. Your work will be seen by millions of people within the cryptocurrency industry.

We are also looking to hire: UX Designer


  • 設計上幣海報
  • 設計活動海報
  • 設計活動頁面


  • 兩年以上網路公司 / 廣告公司視覺設計師從業經驗
  • 熟悉 HTML / CSS
  • 熟悉 RWD 下的 Banner 設計
  • 熟悉 Facebook, Twitter 的廣告海報設計呈現
  • 有辦法在時程壓力下,很快出圖
  • 英文初級的書寫能力(海報有一些是英文的)
  • 團隊協作及良好溝通能力


  • 買過 / 賣過虛擬貨幣
  • 以前在網路公司都是在做活動頁面與海報
  • 待過高壓且要求時程的網路或廣告公司
  • 與跨國時區團隊工作過的經驗
  • 知道怎麼設計會 viral growth 的海報或活動


OTCBTC 會與許多項目方,合作上幣,或舉辦站內活動。

我們目前希望擴大我們的設計團隊,配合設計活動與全球 campaign 用海報。以及製作 OTCBTC 在社交網站上的廣告圖片。


你的作品海報將會被幣圈的幾百萬人看到。 我們同時也徵:UX Designer