• Design API for our OTC & crypto exchange pages
  • Design, build, and maintain an efficient, reusable, and reliable API for mobile clients
  • Assist in maintaining code quality, organization, and automation
  • Assist in developing specifications for Rails’ settings


  • At least 3-5 years of Rails development experience
  • Highly proficient in Rails framework
  • Highly proficient in Ruby object-oriented programming
  • Experience with designing projects with at least 3 different versions of API with 30 endpoints
  • Experience with high amounts (>1Million) of daily API access, and able to improve function
  • Familiar with writing Integration Tests
  • Able to think outside the box and write clean, readable Ruby code
  • Exceptional communication and team collaboration skills

Desired Skills:

  • Experience with maintaining API for mobile apps( both Android / iOS ) and is able to integrate old and new versions seamlessly
  • You can write clean, modular code that is scalable and secure.
  • Ability to design secured API with high maintainability
  • Ability to adjust and test the performance of API
  • You possess the ability to design, write, develop codes and lead a group of learning engineers
  • Fast turnaround according to business demands with clean code
  • Ability to set reasonable coding guidelines based on the purpose of team projects

Technical skills required for job:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL

Working Environment:

  • OTCBTC’S mobile API includes clients with both IOS and Android systems, the releasing cycle is different for the two different system.
  • Token merchants need API in OTCBTC’s OTC section.
  • High Frequency Traders need API in OTCBTC’s Exchange area.
  • Arbitragers need API for Arbitrage.
  • Part of OTCBTC’s API framework is newly developed, therefore, we need a highly experienced developer to assess the framework and improve its functionality
  • We have 2 vacancies for this position

This individual should have over 2 years of modern web stack (Rails) experience
P.S. Our codes are very clean but very complicated at the same time. It functions well, but because we have a huge user base, we need to constantly improve our codes. We also receive all sorts of service requests, which means it’s a great place to utilize and practice your skill sets


  • OTCBTC 的 OTC 區以及 Exchange 區的 API 設計
  • OTCBTC 的手機端 API 維護
  • 與團隊釐清需求並快速上線功能
  • 協助訂定 Rails 開發規範


  • 至少 3-5 年 Rails 開發經驗
  • 精通 Rails 框架
  • 精通 Ruby 物件導向程式設計
  • 項目的 API 曾經更新過至少 3 版,30 個 endpoint 以上
  • API daily access 至少超過 100 萬次
  • 熟悉撰寫 Integration Test
  • 具備良好抽象能力,能夠撰寫可重複使用且模組化的程式碼
  • 團隊協作及良好溝通能力


  • 維護過手機 App 的 API ( both Android / iOS ),知道如何在更新週期,設計控制不同版本 API 開放與更新的功能
  • 有辦法設計高維護性高安全性的 API
  • 懂得如何調校 API 的效能,並進行壓力測試
  • 擁有開發文件撰寫的能力
  • 能夠根據商業需求與代碼乾淨度,快速的上線功能
  • 能夠根據團隊與專案性質訂立合理的程式碼規範


  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL


  • OTCBTC 的是手機 API,會有 iOS 與 Android 兩種 client,這兩種的 client 的 release cycle 是不一樣的。
  • OTC 區有做市商需要的 API
  • 幣幣交易區要有高頻交易者所需要的 API
  • 搬磚者需要有查價搬磚的 API
  • OTCBTC 的部分 API 架構剛剛成型,需要資深等級開發者,將架構拆的更乾淨,更好維護,效能更高。
  • 公司沒有專職 PM,但也人人都是 PM。我們相信熱愛產品的開發者,能夠平衡商業需求以及實做出最能解決問題的方案。
  • 預計本職位至少徵求兩名。

希望應徵這個職務的人,至少有 2 年以上 Rails 開發經驗。

P.S. 我們公司的代碼非常乾淨,但也非常複雜。效能挺好,但流量壓力也很大。業務需求也千奇百怪,絕對是很好的練功場。